Apple iPhone 3G hits 1million sales in 3 days

ZDNet today reports that Apple has hit 1 million in sales of the new 3G iPhone in just 3 days of trading, despite several iPhone launch problems around the world.

New 3G iPhone from AppleThis feat is above even the most optimistic analysts and a significant milestone for Apple. The original iPhone took 74 days to achieve the 1 million mark, so it is clear that the global launch and the improved features of the 3G iPhone has hit the mark with the consumer.

What is perhaps more significant for Apple is the fact that 39 percent of the new 3G iPhone buyers at launch was PC owners and not Mac owners. This means that Apple has reached a significant userbase that is currently not using their platform for computing, and there could be huge crossover opportunities for other Mac products should these customers be happy with the functionality of the new 3G iPhone.

It will be very interesting to follow the development going forward, and see what the feedback is on the new 3G iPhone is as new owners starting giving feedback on its functionality and usage.

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