Apple iPad availability improving

While it has been reported that availability and stock levels for the Apple iPad is improving, prominent Wall Street analyst Shaw Wu advised investors that supply constraints for the iPhone 4 has led to a downgrade of sales estimates for the current quarter.

Availability of Apple iPad expected to improve

Apple iPad UKThe massive interest in the Apple iPad following the US and international launch has led to limited stock levels from both Apple themselves as well as their selected retailers, which in the UK includes PC World and Currys, and they have struggled to keep up supply with demand. With recent reports coming in that Apple iPad orders coming in to manufacturers in Taiwan has surpassed 2 million units for July, it is a sign that demand is still very strong and that Apple is trying to make sure that supply to the market is also improving.

Analyst Wu raised his sales forecast for the quarter from 3.3 million to 3.5 million units of the Apple iPad, and raised his Apple iPad sales forecast for 2010 calendar year to 10 million units.

It took Apple 80 days to surpass 3 million sold units of the Apple iPad, but supply might have been limited at start as Apple was careful with their sales predictions. Since it quickly turned out that any doubts about the sales success of the Apple iPad was wasted, Apple has now increased their production and is expected to maintain a production level of 2 million + units per month.

It makes sense from a UK stand point that supply improves in the market as toward the end of July the Apple iPad will be made available to more UK retailers, providing more choice for UK customers to find Apple iPad deals. To help with finding the best Apple iPad deals in the UK we have created our own best price Apple iPad tables that we will update with even more retailers as Apple opens up the UK market for the Apple iPad.

Lowered sales expectations for iPhone 4

For the Apple iPhone 4 it looks like a lack of supply of the high quality touchscreens used on the new model is what is keeping availability low as Apple is struggling to keep up with demand in the first few months of the new iPhone 4. Wu has lowered his quarterly expectations from 9 million units of the iPhone to 7.5 million units. However, the expected sales for 2o1o remains at 40 million units.

If you are in the UK and are interested in buying the iPhone 4 then check out our iPhone 4 UK buyers guide for prices and tariffs from the different networks.


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