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Over recent months you might have come across speculations around a smaller Apple iPad, also referred to as an iPad Nano, to possibly replace the current iPod Touch. We have tried to gather as much information as possible on the possible future iPad Nano right here for you.

Could this be the iPad Nano

What is the iPad Nano

Ever since the iPhone and the iPad came onto the market there has been plenty of speculation around the future of the iPod, and specifically the iPod Touch, which so far has been the low-end model for entry into the Apple iOS market, lacking features such as 3G data connectivity etc. However as the market is preparing for the iPhone 5, a possible iPhone 4s, and a 5th generation iPod Touch, discussions are once again coming up around what Apple might do with the iPod Touch going forward.

At the moment most indications are that the iPod Touch will remain largely unchanged, with the exception of A5 processor and possibly a better camera. The more optimistic are thinking that Apple perhaps will add in 3G data connectivity, similar to on the iPad, but that would likely increase the cost of the iPod Touch, as well possibly eating into the iPhone market. The alternative thinking is that Apple will make the screen slightly larger and thereby turning the iPod Touch into more like an iPad Nano. Yes, we know that Steve Jobs has said before that it does not make sense to have a tablet with a smaller screen than the current 9.7-inch screen. In the case of the iPad Nano we are not talking about a 7-inch tablet style solution, but perhaps instead a 4-5-inch screen version, a screen size that has been proven as popular amongst Android users, and still small enough to fit in the pocket, unlike the current iPad 2.

At the moment of course this is all speculations, but keep checking back for all the latest information about a possible future iPad Nano right here.

Latest iPad nano news

New screen protector hints at screen/design changes for iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5

New screen protector coming out of Hong Kong hints at screen changes for iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5, including capacitive home button and a larger possible 4-inch screen. This latest leak is adding even more confusion around the rumor mill.

Recent iPhone 5 case leaks could be for iPod Touch 5

Recent leaked cases have suggested a 4-inch screen for the iPhone 5, but could it be that we have all got it very wrong and that the case is actually for the iPod Touch 5? It would not be the first time we hear rumors about a larger screen iPod Touch. Find out more here.

iPod Touch 5G turning white with 3G data plans

For all those waiting on the iPod Touch 5G, blame the iPhone 5 for the delay, but there is a chance it will get 3G data connection and become available in white as well as the standard black front now that Apple has sorted the color issue with the iPhone 4.

‘Meet the Apples’ back this fall but will it be a new cast?

The new season of Apple products could be right around the corner, but what kind of extension is the iOS family likely to see this fall and will there be an all new cast? Find out more about what to expect this fall from Apple here.

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