Apple iPAD revealed in Boarders customer survey about eReading devices

The Apple iTablet device has been the most talked about device in the last month among Apple and gadget fans out there. The much expected larger screen touch device that is expected to be launched later this year could be what Boarders referred to in a recent customer survey (pocket-lint) in the US about eReader devices, where they perhaps have some inside information as to the name of the device; the Apple iPAD.

The expected Apple iPAD is rumored to feature a large 9inch touchscreen, putting the device in direct competition with the like of Amazon Kindle when it comes to digital ebook readers.

Apple iPAD leaked in Boarders survey

In the Boarders survey one of the questions refer to digital reading devices, where they ask the user if they; “Plan to buy an Apple iPAD (large screen reading device) this year?”. Now this could be just a coincidence, or that Boarders have also heard the rumors about the new Apple device, or it could be that Boarders as a key channel for distribution of content for the device has received some insight into the device from Apple themselves, and “mistakenly” included it in the survey.

With the amounts of “leaks” of information around the so called Apple iPAD it is likely just a matter of weeks before Apple makes some kind of announcement around this topic. Most sources now believe an announcement will come at the annual September iPod event, where it is also expected that the release of the 3rd generation iPod Touch with camera will be announced.


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  1. That iPad review was crazy – what did you think of it?

  2. i am planning to buy an iPad since it looks lighter than a regular desknote and i don not use much of the features of a laptop..”~

  3. gadgets says:

    I just got one and it’s so cool and I love it as my ebook very much…!!!

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