Apple iPad now available at John Lewis and Comet

The upmarket UK retailer John Lewis has launched the Apple iPad today as Apple starts offering their popular gadget to more retailers in the UK. The Apple iPad is available through both their stores and online.

Comet have also launched the iPad in their stores this week, but at this stage it does not look like it can be bought online. Comet have posted a list of stores stocking the iPad on their website though.

Apple iPad now at Comet

After the iPad launched in the UK in May as well as they Apple stores and independents, it was only PC World and Currrys who were allow to sell the Apple tablet for the first 60 days.

John Lewis, Comet and Tesco were all reported to have signed reseller deals with Apple and it was expected that all 3 would start selling the iPad when PC World and Currys exclusive agreement ended at the start of this week.

At this stage there has been no word from Tesco, so it would seem that John Lewis and Comet has managed to steal a march on the retail giant.

The Apple iPad is sure to be a hit with John Lewis customers who traditionally enjoy their high-end electronics and aren’t too sensitive around the issue of price.

John Lewis and Comet are selling the Apple iPad at the same price point as Apple and the other retailers, with the best price Apple iPad available being priced at £429. Price is not likely to be an issue with John Lewis customers who tend to be less price sensitive. Comet customers are more likely to be looking forward to the day when the value retailers starts discounting the Apple device, which is not likely to happen until supply gets in line with current demand.

Author: Chris Gorney who is owner and editor of Cheapest Apple iPad covering the latest news and the best deals to be had from the world of the Apple iPad. Follow him on Twitter.


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