Apple iPad or iPhone HD – can I afford and do i need both?

There is perhaps one question that is lingering on the minds of a lot of Apple fans and consumers around the globe these days; can i afford and do i need both the Apple iPad and the coming iPhone HD/iPhone 4?

The Apple iPad has been out for about two months now in the US, but for many other international consumers their first chance to get their hands on the new “digital revolution” came this Friday that passed, with early UK reports that sales have been strong with retailers, including Apple iPad atPC World and Currys that got a reseller deal with Apple.

Apple iPad

The question on my mind though, is how many of us are actually sitting on the fence for now awaiting the likely announcement of the 4th generation iPhone 4/iPhone HD on June 7th as Steve Jobs takes centerstage at the WWDC 2010?

I would assume that it is not an ideal situation for Apple that the international launch of the Apple iPad comes so close to the much awaited upgrade of the iPhone, which if we are to believe in the rumours, is likely to become available to consumers worldwide towards end of June.

Whether you are a current iPhone 3GS owner like me that still has 6-8 months left of the contract and will likely have to pay an early upgrade charge for the new iPhone HD, or have been sitting on the fence waiting for the new iPhone before making the investment, finding the money to get both the Apple iPad and the new iPhone HD in the same month is likely a stretch for most of us.

4th generation iPhone 4g

Assuming that the new 4th generation iPhone will cost around the same as the iPhone 3GS with a contract, we are looking at having to shell out £100-300 depending on the model on top of the contract, and the Apple iPad starts at £429. So if i was to buy both now in June/July i would be looking at a one off cost of at least £600 or so to get both products. That would seriously digg into my holiday budget and holiday plans, and do i really need both products?

Personally i have been sitting on the fence in terms of the Apple iPad as i currently find that between my iPhone and my laptop i cover my needs in terms of work/entertainment. Would i like to have an iPad? yes. But do i need one? not really. I would rather get my early upgrade to the 4th generation iPhone if it lives up to the rumours and the expectations of the market in terms of upgraded features.

I can definitely see the potential of the Apple iPad for the professional market, but for now i’ll continue to get my entertainment in the more traditional forms of the television, my laptop, and my hopefully new iPhone HD at the end of June.

I am however keen to hear other peoples view and experiences around this issue, so feel free to share your story by leaving a comment below, or by replying to our poll.



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