Yes, it has been too long Apple! Announcement of likely iPad media event

Apple has announced a new media event for 16th October with the tag line “It has been way to long”, likely to refer to update versions of the iPad, but could there be some iPod news in there as well?

Invitation Apple event 16th October 2014

The event will take place at their Infinite Loop Campus in Cupertino on Thursday 16th October and it’s widely expected that we will amongst other see new versions of the iPad Air (iPad Air 2), which means that it would be strange if there wasn’t also slight upgrades to the iPad Mini.

Earlier this week we saw what looked like credible images of the iPad Air 2 in the wild, which included Touch ID home button and a new logic board with the A8X chip, both natural upgrades expected for the 6th generation of the iPad. Given what we saw from the iPhone 6 & 6Plus we should expect other slight improvements, including slimmer and lighter body. There are also some rumours about a larger 12.5-inch iPad Air, likely to come off the back of the iPhone 6Plus.

Speaking of the iPad Mini, could this be one of the last updates we see to the device? With the global market seemingly going crazy for phablets, a category that now also includes the IPhone 6plus, there’s some strong arguments that the iPad Mini might suffer the same fate as the iPod Touch. After all, the screen difference between the iPhone 6plus and the iPad mini is not that big, and you can’t help but ask for how much longer we will continue to consume content across devices that are increasingly blending together in size and user experience.

Strictly from a product portfolio perspective, the iPad Mini made sense when it was launched as the market was seeing huge popularity in the Kindle sized tablets and Apple wanted their piece of the cake. That said, it was taking attention away from the larger size tablet, or the true tablet experience you may say, so in the end it was about protecting market share. While Steve Jobs may have in principal been against too many screen variations, the iPad Mini’s and iPhone 6plus of the new Apple era might be more about keeping competitors at bay rather than believing they are the screen sizes of the future. The danger of course is that in the end, as consumers, we come to the realisation that one for mobile devices, one screen is enough.

Other expected upgrades for Thursday 16th October includes new Mac line up, a possible Apple TV refresh, and perhaps more of a long-shot, some kind of iPod Nano upgrade.

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