Apple changes 4G label on new iPad to Cellular in UK

Apple has received a lot of flack from consumer watchdog organizations over the labeling of their new iPad as featuring WiFi + 4G data connection both here in the UK as well as in other markets where the integrated 4G capability of the new iPad models are not compatible with local mobile networks. Now it turns out that Apple over the weekend quietly went about changing the description on their website here in the UK.

Apple changes iPad description from 4G to Cellular in UK

The new description for the mobile data version of the new iPad is now ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular’ with a further description that it connects over fast mobile data networks. Not that 4G networks are built out in the UK yet, but when they are it would be good if Apple released a version that is compatible. Then again, by that time we are likely on the new, new, new iPad!

[source: iLounge]


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