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Among the the hard core Apple followers and tech fans the discussion is already well under way in terms of upgrading to iPad 2 or waiting for iPad 3. My guess is both, as very few of us are likely going to be able not to have the latest one. But what can we as consumers expect from the next 3rd generation Apple iPad?

Apple iPad 2

Latest iPad 3 news and rumors

It has been rumored for a while that the Apple iPad 3, or perhaps an iPad 2 HD, might come out as early as September this year, aligning its release schedule to the one of the iPod (and saving Apple having to run too many events throughout the year), and even that we might see it released in two different sizes, with one sitting somewhere between the current iPad 2 and the iPod Touch 4. This might be a bit early for the 3rd generation iPad as Steve Jobs said that ‘this is the year of the iPad 2″ at the launch event for the device, but we all know that Apple likes to surprise.

It has also been rumored that the iPad 3 will be 3D, with Hollywood insiders claiming that studios are already working hard on getting lots of content ready for when the device goes live.

These are of course all rumors coming from several different sources, sometimes they are right but most of the time the guess it wrong. What is more of interest than the release date of the iPad 3 is actually what its features might be. We have taken a crack at compiling our dreamlist of features.

Apple iPad 3 features wishlist

Although Apple did deliver a thinner, faster, and lighter iPad 2 that aligned the specifications to those of many of the competitors in the tablet marketplace, many were still, as usual, left thinking that Apple could have done more with the iPad 2. But instead of dwelling on the past, lets look forward to what the iPad 3 might feature. This is our iPad 3 feature wishlist:

Upgrade to Retina display

Now to be able to deliver a true Retina display for the iPad 3 Apple will have to double the resolution to 2048 x 1536 with a pixel density increase to 326ppi. Could they technically deliver that? likely. Would it increase the cost of the iPad 3? also likely, and at the moment probably too much for the consumer to want to pay, but that could change in the coming months as touchscreen technology progresses and Apple makes further investments in R&D.

The need for a Retina display on the iPad can be discussed as it also depends heavily on how you use it, but there is no denying that improvements in technology will happen, and it is the perceived value for the customer that in the end decides what we will buy.

Storage upgrade

With it being very likely that Apple will at some point in the future deliver a cloud service one can discuss in length the need for increased memory for the Apple iPad. Currently available at a max of 64gb, for most people that is sufficient. But as flash storage technology improves and prices come down it is likely that Apple will offer an upgrade to 128gb with the next model to satisfy the most media-hungry amongst us.

USB, HDMI, and SD card

So far Apple has steered away from adding any other port to the iPad then the dock connector itself, relying on external accessories to deliver the likes of HDMI playback and camera connection kit (all at additional cost to the user). However, there are many customers out there that is waiting for Apple to deliver commonly used connection capabilities like these before considering getting an iPad.

Although Apple is focusing on wireless syncing and transfer technology, not everyone out there is familiar or comfortable with that yet, and not all other technology is geared up to delivering in the same way. So it would be nice if Apple added SD card slot, USB connection, and HDMI to the iPad 3, or at least some of it.

Of course we can never rule out that other technologies come around that will replace the need for the above.

Cross platform compatibility

We all know Apple loves bringing their own solutions and services instead of relying on commonly used technology, such as with Apple Airplay and Apple TV. There is deep commercial thinking behind that as it forces consumers to get more of their technology and to upgrade old equipment more often.

But as consumers it would be nice to be able to use more of the non-Apple technology that most of us have alongside the iPad, such as streaming to devices that support streaming on a different platform than Apple AirPlay, using the more common DLNA standard.

Improved camera and flash

When the first iPad was announced we all complained (well most of us) that there was no camera. For the iPad 2 Apple delivered the important front facing camera for facetime and video conferencing etc. as well as a rather crappy camera at the back, like the one on the iPod Touch 4, and not like the good one on the iPhone 4.

For the iPad 3 we hope that Apple  will bring better quality camera and flash, so that should you choose to take still photos with your iPad at least they will be decent quality.

3D screen and size options

Since this is a dreamlist for the iPad 3, and not all has to be realistic, we thought we would add in a few more optional features. Perhaps the iPad in the future will actually come with more options than just storage versions and 3G vs wi-fi only. Perhaps for the iPad 3 or future models you can get options with:

  • Glasses free 3D screen
  • Size options with perhaps a smaller 6 or 7-inch version of the current iPad. There are already plenty of rumors about the possible iPad Mini perhaps replacing the iPod Touch 5.

The other technical specifications

In addition to the above we also would expect improvements in terms of perhaps:

  • Quad-core processor
  • above 1GB RAM
  • Improved battery life (removable battery is a dream that is not likely to happen)
  • LTE support

These are some of the things that we wish for in the coming iPad 3, and we will keep adding to this list as we see other ideas and technologies emerge that would be great to have on the iPad as well.

We hope you will share your wishlist for the 3rd generation Apple iPad 3 with us as well by leaving a comment below.


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