Apple iOS 5 roundup: What to expect by when

There has been a lot of talk about the coming iOS 5 release over the last months, but what can we expect from the next big upgrade to the Apple iOS and by when? We have had a look at all the latest news and rumors, and of course a list of iOS features we would like to see in iOS 5.

Apple iOS 5

What the latest on iOS 5?

The latest news on the iOS 5 is that Apple has starting testing it across devices as developers have started to see testing reports on their apps. This is something that usually takes place a few months ahead of a developer release, so perhaps we are likely to see the developer beta release of iOS 5 at the WWDC 2011 in June, and a full release likely alongside the annual music event in August/September. This is when we are rumored to see the next generation iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 as well.

What can we expect? Our features wishlist

Until we see the first beta developer release we will know very little about what new features will be included in iOS 5, as Apple always keeps their cards close and do not share information before they have to. But based on things happening in the market in general, and missing features from earlier releases we can make some qualified guesses.

Welcome to the cloud

Many will agree that it is about time that Apple embraces the cloud fully, and latest rumors about Apple buying up the domain iClouc.com could be an indication of things to come in the near future. It is believed that Apple has a cloud service for media ready and available for launch as soon as the necessary agreements have been reached with content providers.

For iOS 5 a cloud solution would be great, giving you access to all your media on the go without the need for constant syncing. Not to mention being able to airsync all your media, removing the need for a cable. We would definitely love to see that coming.

The cloud would also open up for shared device features, allowing a shared iPad 2 for example to be display settings and content based on who is logged on. That would require Apple to introduced iD activation of devices in iOS 5, but yes, we want it!

Improved alerts and notifications

Personally i rarely choose to activate notifications as i don’t want to have them popping up all the time, and i find that most apps use the notification system to generally (i guess that is a developer fault and not an Apple fault).

But there are improvements Apple can make to the notification system, such as allowing you to have an inbox of notifications so that you don’t only have access to the latest one as per the current iOS.

Widgetized unlock and home screen

Anyone using Android smartphones will be familiar with this feature, and it is one that people either seem to love or hate, and that Apple has stayed clear of so far.

I’m not fuzzed about a widget home screen or unlock screen becoming the default, in fact it shouldn’t be, but for Apple to give us the option to add it if we want to would be great.

Improved voice control features

There are so many things that can be done with voice control, but Apple needs to roll the voice control features out to third party developers as well so that we can start utilizing voice commands across multiple applications.

Camera roll organization

Its about time that Apple sorts out this feature as i have spoken to several iPhone owners who have thousands of pictures in the camera roll and desperately would like to be able to sort the pictures into related albums.

Having pictures in albums would also make it easier for sharing across social platforms etc. Imagine being able to upload a whole photo album into Facebook app without having to do it one picture at a time.

Full bluetooth features

Lets face it, bluetooth on the iPhone or other iOS devices is not to much use for anyone. In the iOS 5 upgrade we would like to see Apple embracing bluetooth functionality all out, although i would not hold my breath.

What have we missed out?

I’m sure there are many features and improvements that we have missed out on above that iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users like yourself would like to see, so please leave a comment below explaining what features you would like to see from iOS 5.


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