Apple iOS 4.01 released with new signal formula – is recall next?

Apple has announced that they will be holding an iPhone 4 press conference on Friday, but just hours before they have released a free upgrade to iOS 4.01 which improves the formula for calculating how many signal bars to show.

The iOS 4.01 is available now at iTunes so all you have to do is sync your iPhone and choose download and install the new iOS 4.01. I have just gone through the process myself and it took me about 15 minutes in total, so all that remains now is to see if the signal problems are fixed. Personally i have not had problems with call dropping, but i do seem to get constant messages saying that network is lost, especially after having the phone in my pocket.

For now it looks like the signal representation is the only fix that is brought with the new iOS 4.01 as i still have the same problems getting the Nike+ application to sync up with my Nike+ sender in my shoes. Never had that problem before i upgraded to iPhone OS 4 so i hope that Apple and Nike together comes up with a solution to this soon as well because it is annoying me more than any occassional signaling problems at the moment.

As for tomorrows press conference, some still believe that Apple will announce a full iPhone 4 recall, taking a +$billion hit on what has been announced as the most successful product launch in Apple history. What is sure is that Apple is taking steps to officially make a statement about the issues and flack the iPhone 4 has taken publicly over the last few weeks.

We will be back with the latest information following the Apple iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow.


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