Apple iHDTV to come in three sizes by March 2012 [rumor]

Wall Street seems focused on two things these days, the US budget and Apple, two opposites one might say as Apple seem to go from strength to strength with their record quarterly results thanks to iPhone and iPad, and now rumors of the launch of an HDTV range in March 2012.

Apple with HDTV plans for 2012

It is Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research that has sent out a note to investors about what he believes are Apple’s plans to launch the Apple HDTV by March 2012, based on information he has gathered through attending different developer events. He compares the coming Apple HDTV with the current Bose VideoWave HDTV with integrated surround sound speakers, but goes on to explain that in true Apple fashion they will make it thinner, better, and with less cables.

There is nothing really new in rumors about Apple’s possible HDTV plans, as these rumors have been around for a while. It does however start to make more sense for Apple to get into the HDTV marketplace as they are seeing Google and other competitors go into that space. Converging technologies by allowing for ease of use integration of current Apple TV functionality into a series of HDTV sets (think Apple AirPlay, iTunes, iCloud etc. all directly in your television set with less wires and accessories), and running Apple iOS would create for one great tv set and a lot less wires to worry about. Apple could also make it possible to extend the surround sound experience by wirelessly attaching more speakers using AirPlay technology. We are now starting to talk about the iOS controlled home entertainment experience.

Chowdhry thinks the information that this is based on is 75 percent accurate and that it will probably see Apple launch their iHDTV range (3 different sizes and prices) by March 2012. Appleinsider is also reporting that an entry into the HDTV market by Apple could boost their market capitalization by a further $100 billion.

[source: Appleinsider]


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