Apple is hijacking Christmas – traditional toys lose out

If we are to believe the Duracell Toy Report it looks like Apple might be hijacking Christmas this year with two thirds of kids between the age of 5 and 16 saying they want Apple gadgets for Christmas this year (source: ipad.net)

It hardly comes as a surprise that Apple gadgets will be amongst the most popular xmas gifts this year, but it is slightly surprising that even among kids as young as 5-8 years old Apple has already established a strong brand presence with 20% wanting Apple gadgets for Christmas (get them young as they say in marketing).

The most wanted Apple gadgets among the 2,138 kids in the survey was the iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch 4, and the Apple iPad.

None of these Apple gadgets can be described as cheap, so it is not likely that all parents will be able to satisfy their kids desire for the latest Apple products this Christmas, but for those that can, there could be an upside to getting your kids an Apple gadget like the iPad or the iPod Touch 4 – future earning potential.

Having kids getting used to the latest in technology at an early stage could be beneficial in terms of future employement opportunities, giving them the edge in the competitive workplace of the future. You could even be lucky enough to have your kid grow up to be the next multi-millionaire app developer, so perhaps shelling out a few hundred for an Apple gadget is not such a bad investment.

If you are among the parents looking to put an Apple gadget under the Christmas tree this year, then check out our price comparison tables:


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