Apple has got a ‘little’ more (read iPad Mini) to show us on 23rd October

Apple has now confirmed that they will be holding an event on the 23rd October, saying they ‘have a little more to show you’ which is widely believed to be the new iPad Mini. Perhaps the hint lies in the word ‘little’.

Apple has a 'little' something to show us on 23rd October

So now that we know the date, what can we expect if in fact it is the iPad Mini that is revealed, as it could always be something else, such as just a new version of the current iPad with the Lightning connector. But lets face it, anything other than the iPad Mini will be a disappointment to the tech market at this stage, and the expectations are high.

iPad Mini – the features

There has been a lot of speculations around the 7.85-inch screen. Will it be Retina display or will Apple accept a reduced resolution to keep the cost of the device down? In fact, there are a lot of other questions as well, such as will it support LTE network or be Wi-Fi only like so many of the similar size competitors? Apple might choose to do several versions, or just say that we understand people are interested in a smaller device, but not match the price level of the Nexus 7′s and Kindle Fire’s of this world.

To round up expected features, here some of the most heavily rumoured features:

  • 7.85-inch LCD screen (not Retina)
  • Feature new Lighting connector (duh!)
  • Thinner and lighter
  • An impressive battery
  • Come in LTE and Wi-Fi only alternatives
  • 8, 16 and 36gb versions
  • Dual cameras, even just to beat the Nexus 7 camera spec


iPad Mini – when and how much

The latest rumor according to BGR is that the iPad Mini will become available from the 2nd November with prices starting somewhere in the £250-300 range.

Given that the new iPod Touch is starting at £249 in the UK it would be very surprising if Apple released an iPad Mini that was priced below that, as it would likely kill the iPod Touch market completely (not that it would be a big issue for Apple at this point).

So whatever ‘little’ Apple has to show us on the 23rd October, lets hope it is little in price, not too little in size, and not little at all in features.


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