Apple drops price of iPad 2 in wake of new iPad announcement

Whilst todays announcement was all about the new iPad with Retina display and some of the great new apps available to use with the impressive screen, Apple also decided to keep the iPad 2 in the market at a lower price and limited selection (16GB version only).

Apple iPad 2Apple has from today dropped the price of the 16GB WiFi only iPad 2 to £329, with the 3G enabled version selling at £429. If the impressive Retina display is not for you, then the price drop on the iPad 2 might be the incentive needed to buy your first iPad.

The fact that Apple is keeping the iPad 2 in the market at the same time as the new model is a sign that they want to fight off the increased competition from lower priced tablet models, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, and a few other Android based tablets. It could also be a tactic used to keep that lower priced market under some control while they work on delivering their smaller 8-inch screen iPad later this year, a device that truly will take on the much lower priced Kindle Fire.

This is of course my own speculations into what Apple might have up their sleeves for later in the year, but Tim Cook did say that this was the start of more to come in 2012.


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