Apple considering free music for ipod through itunes

This story has been all over the internet today, about Apple looking into the possibilities of a premier itunes service for ipod owners where music will be made available for free. Sounds great doesn’t it.

According to the Financial Times, Apple is currently in discussions with major music labels about a new subscription model that will basically make the entire itunes library of music available for free. Of course nothing comes really for free. The idea is that you will pay a premium for your Apple ipod to get access to the free music.

It still remains to see what will happen, but if Apple is willing to pay the premium for the music then this could be an initiative that will help combat piracy. There is however also the issue of the DRM  protection limiting the music you download being played on other devices, although that is not really a big issue for us ipod owners.

This development can also be seen in the light of recent news about Amazon expanding their music download service globally, and Myspace looking into a music service as well.

Either way, it is a good time to get your hands on a new Apple ipod.


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