Apple iPad 2 still on for UK release on 25th March – Apple confirms no delays

In the week or so following the US launch of the Apple iPad 2 there has been lots of speculation into a possible delay in the international launch of the iPad 2, including a delay for UK customers. Recent reports however has Apple sources confirming UK launch is still on for the 25th March.

Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 was quickly reported selling out following the US launch, leading to speculations that delays in international launch would once again taking place due to limited supply of the iPad 2. However, Techradar is today reporting that launch is still on for the 25th March here in the UK, citing official Apple sources. Having checked the Apple UK website as well, they are still promoting a release on schedule, although they have not made pre-ordering of the iPad 2 available as of yet.

Perhaps we will be looking at a situation not unlike the one in the US, where most of the stock will be allocated to the physical Apple stores, while online ordering might be looking at a few weeks delivery time as Apple tries to catch production up with demand.

So if you want to get your hands on the Apple iPad 2 at launch day on the 25th March, queuing up early outside your favorite Apple store might be your best alternative.


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