Spend about an hour on the tower of Apple power

There has been talks about Apple’s plans to deliver a new charging solution for their devices, but i think very few of us thought that would mean anything like what has surfaced in the recent days. Meet Apple’s phallic idea for charging your iOS device of the future.

Apple patented charging tower

For some reason the phrase “spend about an hour on the tower of power” (Frank Zappa) comes to mind when looking at these drawings and how Apple plans top deliver inductive battery charging by wrapping your headphones around this stiffy. Although the charging technology might be clever and using the headphones means that Apple could get rid of the 30-pin connector on their devices (we all know Steve Jobs is obsessed with getting rid of physical connection points), it raises a lot of questions, besides its shape.

First of all, having to wrap your headphones around the power point doesn’t free you from having to have a cable connected to your device while charging. If anything it is another way for Apple to make you have to upgrade your headphones to support the new charging feature, so it will come as an extra cost and limited time or space savings for anyone. What about charging when on the go? Does Apple plan to have these charging towers installed in public locations around the city?

Using the headphones cable as a charging point would also ensure that Apple would likely be able to license the technology to other manufacturers, just like they do with Apple AirPlay technology and the 30-pin connector through the ‘made for iPod’ mark. The result will of  course be higher cost for the consumer.

Whatever comes in the future in terms of charging your iOS device, be prepared to spend money upgrading headphones, iPod speaker docks, and other accessories that are currently set up to support your device.

[source: TheRegister]


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