Apple causing dip in PC sales: Not all about the iPad

Earlier this week it was reported that PC sales have seen negative growth in March this year, culminating a downward spiral in the last year or so. Citi analyst Walter Prichard (Business Insider) is blaming the Apple iPad for the negative trend in PC sales, but could it be all down to the iPad?

Negative trends for PC sales


Knowing that Apple launched the original iPad back in March/April of 2010 one can perhaps easily associate the fall in PC sales with the popularity of the iPad and the new tablet sector of ultra portable devices, which over the last year or so have included several Android tablets as well. But is the drop in PC sales all down to Apple introducing the iPad and the iPad 2 or are there other factors in play as well?

In a recent Guardian article they are exploring how Apple Macs have seen faster sales growth than the PC for the last five years, and that it is likely part of a longer trend that might have started with the iPod.

Mac sales outpacing PC salesNeedham analyst Charles Wolf believes we are looking at the halo effect of the iPod and iPhone, with support from Apple’s very successful Apple Stores and support system, guiding new Mac users away from the sometimes Windows (largely blaming Windows Vista) troubled PC’s. The success of the iPod/iPhone/iPad combined has resulted in Apple selling more of their Macs and MacBooks, not only in the general consumer market, but also to businesses and governments.

For businesses and governments shifting more towards Mac instead of PC as well could also be down to the software they use being more cross-platform available, and that the growth in the mobile app industry resulting in businesses having to invest in Macs to support the delivery of business apps to the mobile market.

Having used PC/laptop for years myself, i have to admit that one of the main influences moving me over from PC to Mac was the iPod and iPhone, and not the iPad, as i don’t see the iPad as a replacement for my laptop.

What about you? Have you shifted from a PC to a Mac in the recent year, and if so, what made you shift over? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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