Apple preparing for Full HD with new AV cable – next iPhone and iPod Touch

According to online sources Apple has started telling their authorised resellers to start clearing stocks of the current AV composite and component cables as they are working on a new AV cable that will allow for displaying HD content off a new generation iPhone or iPod Touch.

The current Apple AV cables have received a lot of criticism for the fact that amongst other things they have had encryption chips in them, and the fact that there are two cables instead of one. With the rumored new AV cable that will support HD Apple will answer a lot of the early criticism by delivering an AV cable that are more similar to what many are used to from other gadgets such as the Xbox 360.

The other interesting side to this rumor is that it further confirms that there are new generations of iPhones and iPod Touch coming soon, that will most likely support HD content and how this can be displayed across other devices as well. It is expected that at least some of these future iPod’s and iPhones will have enhanced screens that will allow for 720p and 1080i HD.

Use of HD is quickly becoming more mainstream, and as technology further improves we could also be looking at technology that will allow you to dock your iPhone or iPod to your tv, and then for the pair to use your wifi connection to let you access all your iTunes content directly from your tv, thereby limiting the requirements for a lot of  storage space as HD takes quite a bit of storage space.


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