Apple announces new iPad with Retina display [breakdown]

It has now been confirmed, the new iPad does have a Retina display, but perhaps the most surprising twist in the whole announcement was the naming of the device. Or should I say the lack of naming.

New iPad with Retina display (Apple website screenshot)

While there are plenty of great new features in the new iPad, the debate around what the device would be called remained largely unanswered as Apple ended up just calling it the ‘new iPad’. There was no number 3 or HD behind the name, simply the new iPad. Could this be the start of Apple moving away from numbering their iOS devices, just like they do for their Mac and Macbook range?

Back to the actual device. As expected, Apple announced Retina display as the key feature, a new display with  2048 x 1536 resolution and with over 3.1million pixels, 264 pixels per inch, which according to Apple themselves, makes even 1080p video look pretty poor.

Driving the ultra sharp and color rich new Retina display is the new A5X chip, a dual core CPU but with quad-core GPU. The X stands for quad-core graphics, promising to take gaming to a whole new level on the iPad. Despite the increased graphics performance and demands of the Retina display, Apple has been able to keep battery life of the new iPad largely the same, at about 10 hours (reduced to 9 hours when using 4G).

Yes, the new iPad will be available in 4G LTE for even faster mobile surfing, gaming, streaming, and whatever else you like to do while out and about, staying connected. There are separate models for AT&T and Verizon in the U.S, and the new iPad will be available in a WiFi only version, and the new 4G/3G version.

The new iPad is also getting a new 5-megapixel camera that can shoot videos in HD (1080p). Apple refers to the new camera on the new iPad as iSight. It features advanced optics  to allow you to take sharp pictures, as well as capture great videos in HD. They also spent quite a bit of time showcasing the new iPhoto app for the iPad, an iOS version of the popular Mac app that looks more impressive and has some great new features. I will be back with more details on the iPhoto app later after having a play around with it.

For those wondering if Siri will make an appearance, the answer is only partially in form of voice dictation. There is no full Siri integration for the new iPad, which is a shame, but not a surprise as Apple likes to drip-feed us features over time.

No doubt Apple has kept busy over the last few months getting everything ready for this new iPad, not to mention the fact that it is already available to pre-order through Apple’s website, with a release date across many countries, including the UK, set to 16th March.

Pricing of the new iPad model is set as follows:

  • WiFi only 16GB – £399
  • WiFi only 32GB – £479
  • WiFi only 64GB – £559
  • 4G & WiFi 16GB – £499
  • 4G & WiFi 16GB – £579
  • 4G & WiFi 16GB – £659

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