Apple announces iPod Nano 7 with same design but new features

Apple has announced a new iPod Nano 7th generation (or we choose to call it that) that retains the same design as the 6th gen iPod Nano, but comes with some improved new features, including dongle free Nike+ integration as well as a price drop.

Apple announces new iPod Nano at lower price

Based on the presentation it looks like Apple is set to make the new iPod Nano 7 a combination of wristwatch and fitness accessory. The integration of Nike+ and a slew of fitness features, without the need to have the Nike shoe dongle, is a great new feature, considering that Apple at the same time has been able to reduce the price of the new iPod Nano as well.

Ever since the touchscreen iPod Nano was announced a year ago, accessory makers quickly picked up how well it lent itself as a watch, creating watchstrap accessories for the Nano. Apple has now built further on that by introducing 16 different watch displays for the iPod Nano 7. Did anyone say 16 watches in one?

They have also improved the navigation on the iPod Nano 7, allowing you to swipe sideways between apps, instead of the old grid system, resulting in larger icons. Hopefully they have sorted out the issue with battery life that plagued the iPod Nano 6th generation.

The new iPod Nano 7th generation is expected to become available pretty much immediately and in the US will retail at a lower price $129 for the 8GB version and $149 for the 16GB Nano. The UK prices for the new iPod Nano are £115 for 8GB and £129 for 16GB.


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