Apple prepares to ship millions of 4th generation iPhone HD – including white one

According to the latest rumours, Taiwan based Foxconn, one of Apple’s prefered producers, is preparing to ship out 4.5 million 4th generation iPhone HD by the end of June, and another 19.5 million units by the end of 2010 – and some of the new iPhone HD might feature white front panel.

Prototype 4th generation iPhone

The fact that Apple is preparing that amount of the new 4th generation iPhone 4 is an indication that they are expecting the new unit to be a big success, not only with current iPhone owners looking to upgrade (me!) but also with new customers. Since the launch of the original iPhone, Apple has sold over 50 milllion units, so adding another 24 million or so in 6 months of trade is a big number.

One of the rumours behind the impressive number of planned units could also be that Apple is preparting to add more networks and carriers to their roster, with a potential price cut as well to increase their market share as reports come in that Android based phones are starting to outsell the iPhone.

According to the same sources (DigiTimes) the new 4th generation iPhone HD will also feature a ARM Cortex A8 processor and 512mb of memory, which is double the amount in the current iPhone 3GS. Their sources, whether real or not, also confirms that the screen resolution of the new 4th generation iPhone HD will be 960×640. It is also reported to have a 30% thinner screen to allow for a bigger battery and improved battery life.

CultofMac is also reporting through Taiwan based sources that the new 4th generation iPhone HD might come in white. Now, a white iPhone is common, but one with a white front panel is not, which is the case with this latest rumour. It will be interesting to see what type of reception an all white iPhone HD might receive, although it might not be all white if the new backpanel is metal similar to what we see on the Macbooks.

Rumoured white front panel for new iPhone HD

It is likely that Apple will announce their new 4th generation iPhone HD at the upcoming WWDC 2010 in San Francisco this coming June 7th.


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