Apple in 2011: Monthly iPhone, iPad and Apple prediction calendar

As an eventful Apple year is about to finish a new one awaits, with promises of new and updated products, and I would be surprised if there was not a few surprises up Steve Jobs sleeve as well.

Apple predictions for 2011

2010 has given us some good Apple memories, with possibly the biggest one being the launch of the Apple iPad which despite some criticism has gone on to become a market changer that many competitors are now trying hard to duplicate. Sounds very familiar to what happened after the launch of the first iPhone doesn’t it?! We also saw the new designed iPhone 4 with some new features, including facetime, and big improvements to the iOS, bringing some long awaited features to iPhone and iPad owners.

So what is in store for 2011? Because lets face it, as good as many of the Apple products are they still have their flaws and can be improved. With competitors picking up their game Apple can’t afford to rest on the laurels for even a second. Here are our predictions for the Apple 2011 Calendar:

January 2011 – Mac App Store launches + more information on iPad 2

In January I am sure Apple will be counting up their Christmas success, but they will also be launching the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion which will also bring the best features of the iOS to the Macs, including a Mac App Store. Actually, the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is likely not to be released until the summer of 2011, but we will still get the Mac App Store which has been adapted for the current Snow Leopard.

The Mac App Store will build further on the unprecedented success of the iTunes App Store, making it easier for developers to deliver new applications for Mac users, and easier for the consumer to test out new applications as the up front cost will be much lower.

iOS 4.3 finally arrives in January, a month after its expected release date. Major upgrade in the iOS 4.3 is the support for in-app subscriptions supporting the new subscription based pure iPad news services that are coming.

As for the Apple iPad 2, which many has prediceted is right around the corner as well, we expect more trustworthy information to be leaked during January.

February 2011 – Apple announces iPad 2

Apple will be inviting to one of their special events where Steve Jobs will once again take the podium to deliver the second coming of the Apple iPad to the world – meet the Apple iPad 2.

We have been covering the rumours around the 2nd generation Apple iPad for what seems like months now, with early predictions saying we would be getting it before Christmas (obviously wrong) and others predicting as early as January (will piss off a lot of people who got the current Apple iPad for Christmas). Featurewise we can expect the same screensize but a trimmed down and lighter iPad that will have a facetime camera amongst other things. You can read all the rumours in our Apple iPad 2 rumour central.

We might also see the first glimpses of iOS 5.0 expected to be released later in the summer, but available for developers to test.

March 2011 – The legend of the white iPhone

For all those that have been waiting for the white iPhone 4, this month could be the arrival of the what has now become more a legend than just a white iPhone 4. Some might say that it is a clever move by Apple, as there will still be a few months before the release of the iPhone 5 and bringing out the white iPhone 4 could boost sales for a period leading up to the new version of the iPhone.

April 2011 – The release of the iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 will be released in key markets, including the US, Canada, UK and other selected European countries and will create new record lines outside Apple Stores across the nation.

May 2011 – While we wait for June

May is likely to be all about the success of the launch of the iPad 2 and a refocus towards what is to come in the following month; the launch of the iPhone 5.

June 2011 – The iPhone 5 sees the light of day + Verizon

In true Apple tradition Steve Jobs invites the press of the world (waiting for an invite) to a special event that will unveil the iPhone 5 to the world and once again send Apple fans running to the shops to be the first to get their hands on the latest piece of genius from Apple.

Expect the iPhone 5 to build further on the changes that were done to the iPhone 4, with the addition of improved processing speed and multi-band support through Qualcomm chip, finally delivering the iPhone to the likes of Verizon in the US. With the work that is being done by the networks on LTE we could also expect the iPhone 5 to be LTE-capable.

iOS 5.0 is also released alongside the new iPhone 5, bringing improved features push messages + many of the features that currently make people choose to jailbreak their iOS devices.

July 2011 – The iPhone 5 aftermath

Expect July to be all about Apple spreading the distribution of the new iPhone 5 throughout the global market as they are working hard to keep production in line with demand in the market. Although Android based phones keep doing well, Apple does just enough to keep the iPhone at the forefront of the smartphone market.

August 2011 – iTunes goes to the cloud + new iPod upgrades

As Apple holds their annual music event they also announce iTunes 11 which will finally bring a cloud based service that many was expecting and hoping for in the recent iTunes 10. We also expect that in the new iTunes 11 Apple will finally bring more useful services to the social music network Ping.

Besides iTunes 11 going cloud based Apple will be announcing the new generation of iPods, and a stop in production of the iPod Classic. We predict that the new 5th generation iPod Touch 5 will actually get one of its most significant upgrades, including a slightly larger screen, better processing speed, improved gaming features + more. As for the iPod Nano we expect Apple to stick with the current design, more or less, but bring some app functionality.

September 2011 – Apple ships new iTunes 11 and iPods

Users can finally download iTunes 11 and start using the cloud service, and new generation iPods are released in time for the build up to the important Christmas shopping season.

October 2011 – iOS 5.1 released

Apple releases iOS 5.1 which will bring iOS features supporting the new iTunes 11 cloud services.

November 2011 – Apple iScreen with Apple TV integrated

Now, this is a pure gamble as the likelihood of it happening is fairly small, but with Apple we learn to sometimes expect the unexpected. The Apple iScreen is a fully Apple TV integrated tv set that will offer all the features of a traditional tv as well as offering full integration with iOS devices, allowing you to play games, access applications, and watch movies etc on the tv fully controlled by your iOS device as a remote control and games controller. Talk about creating chaos before Christmas!

December 2011 – Apple sets new sales records

To the joy of Apple and their shareholders 2011 turns into another record sales year.

These are some of our monthly Apple predictions for 2011, but we are keen to hear what you think Apple will be doing and by when in 2011 so please leave your comments and ideas below to share with the community.

Have a happy Apple new year!


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