The App Store is quickly approaching 25 billion downloaded apps with promises of great gifts

Apple has started the countdown towards the 25 billion downloads mark for the App Store, showcasing an impressive growth rate since it was first launched in July 2008, and promising a great price for the person that downloads app number 25 billion.

Apple approaching 25 billion app downloads

Coming off a historic quarter in iOS sales and revenue, this next milestone, hitting 25 billion downloaded apps is a result of the incredible growth rate in sales of iOS devices, combined with the thousands of great third party app developers out there that are churning out apps that continue to change the way we interact with our iOS devices, and approaches daily tasks and activities.

So what is in store for the person that downloads app number 25 billion? Besides the large publicity the person will receive a US $10,000 gift certificate to the App Store (should last a normal user a lifetime and then some i believe). Entering the competition is as simple as downloading any of the 500,000 apps available for iOS devices in the App Store, and hope that the app you download is number 25 billion. Or alternatively enter by filling out the entry form at the Apple website here. At the time of publishing this post the count stands at about 24,4 billion downloads.

Here is a chart that outlines the growth rate of app downloads since the launch of the iOS App Store in July 2008.

iOS App downloads cumulated over time since App Store launch


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