Amethyst Dynamic A9 Dolphin iPod speaker dock review

Amethyst A9 speaker dock

Amethyst have developed a reputation for producing iconic iPod docking stations with speakers, including one of the big hits last year, the iPig speaker dock. With the Amethyst A9 Dolphin they have not only stayed true to their unique designs, but also delivered a quality system for its price class.

The Amethyst A9 Dolphin docking station gets it name from the shape, which reminds me both of a dolphin as well as a breaking surf.  The producers have also put some effort in putting quality components inside it to deliver a high quality sound as well.

Amethyst Dynamic A9 Dolphin

Weighting in at around 4kg’s and measuring 433 x 288 x 117 mm the A9 is small enough to be used as an additional system at your spare room, bedroom, or office, as well as a main system in your living room if you don’t have the budget for some of the more high-end systems. If you go for the black version of the system it also look more stylish, as the white version does not look quite as polished.

Having listened to some of the other iPod speakers in the same price class, like the Klipsch iGroove, the Amethyst A9 delivers at the higher end as i found the sound well balanced to handle most types of music. The tweeters and mid range speakers are sitting at the front panel of the docking station, supported by a subwoofer that is sitting “inside the wave” so to speak.

Here are some of the technical specs:

  • Amplifier output power Left/Right 4W x 2Subwoofer 15W x 1
  • Amplifier input sensitivity 400mV
  • Amplifier SNR 82dB
  • Amplifier distortion 0.7%
  • Frequency response 50Hz – 20Hz
  • Power voltage AC110 – 240V, 50/60Hz

The Amethyst A9 is compatible with most Apple iPods (Made for iPod) and works with iPhones, but lacks proper GSM shielding, so to ensure a listening experience without any interference we would recommend putting your iPhone in flight mode when it is docked.

Amethyst Dynamic A9 Dolphin

One of the other strenghts of the Amethyst A9 is that it also supports other media sources, including SD card reader, USB port, Aux in, and a bluetooth adapter dock, all located at the back of the unit. There is a bluetooth adapter that comes as an optional extra that will allow you to play music of a bluetooth compatible device (such as the iPod Touch or iPhone) without it being physically connected to the A9.It also supports AM/FM radio (no DAB) and Video Out.

Don’t expect the Amethyst A9 Dolphin to deliver sound that you otherwise would have to pay in the hundreds for as that is not its market. This is what i would refer to as a mid-range system, a versatile entertainment system that will allow you to easily listen to different music sources around the house while still getting a good quality sound.

Price information

The Amethyst Dynamic A9 Dolphin is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Check out our main iPod speakers and docking stations page for how the Amethyst A9 compares against other systems in the market.


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    hola que tal oye las bocinas amethys A-9 tienen bluetooth y queria ver si tienes en existencia el adaptador que se conecta a las bocinas ya que no viene integrado!

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