Windowshop Amazon from your iPad – the new way to shop online

One way to tell how the Apple iPad has changed the game is to see how major news corporations and retailers are now changing their focus, delivering dedicated iPad services. The latest to deliver a dedicated iPad shopping app is Amazon, bringing their innovative windowshopping feature in an iPad app.

Amazon WindowShop iPad app

It is clear that Amazon has put a lot of effort behind this new shopping app for the iPad as it is packed with great features and makes shopping their enormous inventory of products really simple and easy from the touch controlled screen on the Apple iPad.

Amazon WindowShop iPad app

In the Amazon Windowshop iPad app you will find all the great features that you know from the normal web version of Amazon, including your account center, wishlists, and of course shopping features. You basically get everything from the normal web service, with the addition of sharing items through Facebook, Twitter or email.

Basically what Amazon has done is take the best of their website and rebuild it completely for the Apple iPad, and we congratulate them on a great job so far. Other retailers can definitely learn a thing or two from Amazon on how to deliver a retail experience for the Apple iPad.

Find out more about the Amazon Windowshop iPad app.


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  1. Cheap ipad says:

    Great review. Thanks for posting such an in depth impression. I’ve handled one in the store, but your review covered alot of ground that I couldn’t with such a limited amount of time. Based on my in-store experience and your review I think I’ll be waiting for a future generation to arrive. The potential is certainly there for this device, but based on my current portfolio of tech devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone, iTouch) I’m not sure this device quite justifies the expense at this time for me.

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