Amazon MP3 download store open in UK

Earlier in the summer we wrote about Amazon executives being in London to talk to the record companies about their new MP3 download store opening for UK customers as well after their successfull launch in the US market. After forgetting about for a while in the midst of lots of iPod news this fall, we recently became aware that the Amazon MP3 store is now open for business.

So if you are tired of relying on iTunes only to buy the music for your iPod you can now also buy through the Amazon MP3 store, and the mp3 files in their store is also DRM free, unlike on iTunes.

At the Amazon MP3 store you can download all the latest music as they boast to have millions of songs and albums. Individual songs cost from 60p and the latest albums from £3.

Take a look at the Amazon MP3 store for yourself and happy downloading!


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