Amazon Kindle App for iPhone and iPod Touch – but not yet in UK

Last night a new and useful application was launched on the iTunes App Store as Amazon launched their Kindle book reader application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it can be downloaded for free,unless you live in the UK in which case you will have to wait a bit longer.

The Amazon Kindle has been a huge success in the US book market as many has deemed it the iPod of the book world. With the Amazon Kindle app you can now read your digital books on your iPhone or iPod Touch as well, although you can not buy them through the application yet.

The Amazon Kindle app for iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to log on to Amazon and access your digital books through the app for reading. There are however some limitations, as it is only for digital books (Kindle friendly) bought through Amazon, and not magazines or papers.

We will come back with a full review once we have had a chance to test this application for ourselves, which may take a while as we are based in the UK.


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