Amazon makes strategic move buying ebook app Stanza

The Amazon Kindle has for a time now been known as the iPod of the digital book world, and they have had substantial success with their digital reader, which is why it makes sense that they use their strategic power to get a good foot in the iPhone App market by aquiring iPhone ebook app Stanza.

The producer of the Stanza ebook application, Lexcycle, just recently announced that they had been taken over by Amazon, a move that might be positive for all parties. The history and innovative power of Amazon combined with the iPhone app expertise of Lexcycle could mean that they are in a strong position to drive the ebook application innovation going forward.

Amazon aquires ebook app Stanza

Users of digital bookreaders and ebook applications should also view this as a positive move, as Lexcycle has promised that their Stanza app will not change. In terms of making digital reading of books better and more available we look forward to see what these two companies can do together, especially considering the rumors of a potential large screen iPod tablet being in the Apple development pipeline.


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