Altec Lansing M102 Octiv Mini – minimalistic

Altec Lansing M102 Mini

With one of its latest iPod speaker docking station Altec Lansing have chosen to go all out minimalistic. The Altec Octiv Mini M102 will fit in pretty much the smallest of spaces, so could be a good alternative for the bedside table, on top of the fridge, or even for the office desk.

Altec Octiv Mini M102

I have to admit that at first when i saw the images of the Altec Octiv Mini it did not strike me as very unique or interesting, but after seeing more images, having a chance to actually see the querky angles i can kinda see more why some people would like it.

Having not had a chance to listen to the Altec Octiv Mini M102 yet i could not comment on the sound quality or overall functionality, but those that have listened to it says the sound is decent for the size and price. This iPhone speaker dock is clearly not produced to be the main listening unit, but rather a complimentary docking station for the bedroom or the kitchen.

Altec Octiv Mini M102The positives about the Altec Octiv Mini M102 is its size and that it features GSM shielding so you don’t have to put your iPhone in flight mode when docking it. It also comes with its own iPhone App, Altec’s Alarm Rock, which you are prompted to download when docking your iPhone or iPod Touch, and which turns the Octiv Mini into a full fledge iPhone alarm clock.

On the negative side, the Altec Octiv Mini M102 is a very basic mono speaker that provides limited functionality, which is not a negative if you are looking for a very simplistic iPod speaker dock. I believe Altec has missed a trick though by not making the unit chargeable, thereby turning it into a a more portable unit, as at the moment it runs off AC power.

Price information

The Altec Octiv Mini M102 is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Without the iPhone App would have seemed a bit too high actually compared to some of the other iPod docking stations in the same price class. The iPhone GSM shielding is a feature that warrants them charging a little extra in my book though.

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