Altec Lansing Octiv M650 iPod speaker dock

Altec Lansing Octiv M650

One of the latest iPod speaker docks from well known manfucturer Altec Lansing is the Octiv M650 Mini lounge speaker dock, a wedged shaped speaker dock that packs some power.

Altec Lansing Octiv M650With the Octiv M650 Altec Lansing have created a speaker dock that is fairly pleasant on the eye. The size of the unit is fairly understated, although you need a bit of extra space for the wedged shape pointy back compared to many of the more flat slimline speaker docks out there. Made out of black plastic, the build quality feels good and stirdy, and the front of the unit is clad with black mesh fabric.

The docking station itself sits at the bottom front of the unit in form a docking cradle, which looks better than many of the more bulky docking solutions found on so many other iPod speaker docks. At the top of the unit you will find control buttons, including on/off, volume, bass, treble, and video. Volume up and down buttons can also be used to adjust the bass and treble by holding down the relative button while pressing up or down on volume control. There is also a remote control which has a few more features as well, including ability to navigate your docked iPod/iPhone.

There is a good reason for the shape of the M650 and that is to make space for the 4-inch down firing woofer that brings a hefty bass sound to the system. Alongside the 4-inch woofer is dual 3-inch drivers that combined makes the relative small stature of the Octiv M650 one of decent power. Reports from other reviewers, including Steve Guttenberg over at Cnet, is that the sound is quite impressive for a speaker dock its size, but that you might need to do some adjusting of the bass levels using the controls on the dock itself or with the associated Music Mood App which includes amongst other a 7-band equalizer.

Overall the Altec Lansing Octiv 650 gets a plus for its decent looks and powerful sound for its price range.

Price & availability

The Altec Lansing Octiv M650 iPod speaker dock is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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Technical specifications

  • Size: 13 (wide) x 6 (tall) x 6 (deep) inches (depth is between 2 to 6 inches due to shape of speaker dock)
  • Weight: 6lbs
  • remote control
  • Music Mood iPhone/iPod app
  • 4-inch downfiring subwoofer and 2×3-inch drivers
  • AC power
  • Dual-function RCA video output jack for both composite and component video
  • 3.5mm line-in jack

* This is not a full review as the model has not been tested hands on and as such is based on first impression/first listen,  product information and my own view of the collective information available on the system.


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