Altec Lansing InMotion Air – IMW725

Altec Lansing InMotion Air

With the arrival of the Apple AirPlay speakers it also looks like bluetooth speakers have had a bit of a rejuvenation and focus form manufacturers, including Altec Lansing which has delivered the InMotion Air IMW725, considered to one of the better bluetooth based speakers out there.

Altec Lansing InMotion Air

Design, features & sound

The form factor for the InMotion Air is in line with what we have seen from Altec Lansing in other models. It is not a design that jumps out at you when you open the box, but at the same time it is a design that will fit in most anywhere you want to use it. The build quality seems robust, and with a weight of only 450g it is a unit that you can easily take with you when going to the park etc.

Altec Lansing InMotion Air has a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is reported to have a playing time of up to 5-7 hours depending on volume of play etc.

InMotion Air is just what it says on the tin, a wireless bluetooth speaker and not actually a speaker dock, as there is no docking station attached to it (so you can’t use it to charge your iPod/iPhone). Fortunately it looks like they have spent the money they have saved on Apple licensing technology to good use in creating what is claimed to be a near lossless bluetooth audio. Bluetooth audio has for long had a bad rep, but more recently we have started seeing some very high quality speakers using bluetooth technology, including the award winning Arcam rCube (not that it is a direct comparison as rCube is in a different price class).

As a bluetooth speaker it means that you can also connect any other bluetooth enabled media player to it, and not just your iPod/iPhone/iPad. With an attached USB dongle you can also stream from your computer/mac to the InMotion Air. Thanks to the improved bluetooth signal you can even connect one dongle to two different speakers at the same time, in case you want to get two of the speakers for a more room-filling sound.

The sound from the InMotion Air bluetooth speaker is surprisingly good given the track record of bluetooth audio. Having only had a chance to listen to it briefly and not in the best of settings, i have also had to base this on what other are reporting in terms of sound. For a bluetooth speaker i was impressed, but don’t expect flawless sound, and especially not from a system at this price. If you are looking for CD like sound you likely have to up your budget by quite a bit. For easy home and portable use though the sound and power of the InMotion Air is good.

Price information

The Altec Lansing InMotion Air bluetooth speaker is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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  1. Anna says:

    will the Altec Lansing iMW725 work with ipod classic?

  2. Anna says:

    i was wondering if I got a bluetooth adapter, would my ipod classic work?

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