Album of the week: Outlandish “Closer than veins”

The Danish trio Outlandish released their first album back in 2000 (Outland’s official) which received critical acclaim for songs like ‘Walou’. Since then they have released one more studio album ‘Bread & Barrels of water’ in 2002, which included songs like ‘Guantanamo’ and ‘Aicha’. Although their style of music has its base in American hip hop, they are famous for their fusion of classic hip hop with rythms from around the world, including arap pop, bhangra, and lating rythms, creating a unique style that has made them into one of the most influential bands coming out of Scandinavia, and made them famous for bridging gaps between social cultures and ethnicities. Outlandish are taking the best from their diverse immigrant culture background, with influences from Morocco, Pakistan and Cuba/Honduran.

Outlandish - Closer than veinsTheir third studio album ‘Closer than veins’ was released back in 2006 and has won several international awards. Their popularity in the UK today has been largely in the asian community, but their music is very much cross cultural borders and something that all people in all walks of life would enjoy. ‘Closer than Veins’ is not a hip hop album, instead the band has created their own form of world music, blending the best of a lot of different musical styles, showing a maturity and creativity lacking in the mainstream musical community these days.

Some of the highlights on the album is the melancholy ‘look into my eyes’ with lyrics from a young Palestinian poet talking about the struggles of growing up in a conflict area. The up beat ‘kom igen’ really makes you want to get up and dance with rapping that is up there with the best in the industry. The list of songs on this album is very impressive, taking you on a rollercoaster of topics and emotions, teaching you about the world we live in, the strength of human beings, and unity across cultures and faiths.

You can listen to previews of their songs on their website: www.outlandmoro.com or download it from itunes.


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