Al Gore, cases and launch dates – it is iPhone 5 Friday

Who would have thought we are approaching October and still no official word about what is coming next from Apple for neither the iPhone or the iPod range. Lately the rumor mill has gone into hyper-drive, as words from any source with a decent amount of credibility is weighed up and analyzed for any clues. Welcome to iPhone 5 Friday.

What did Al Gore mean by ‘coming iPhones’

Fomer Vice President, eco-warrior, and current Apple board member Al Gore held a speech in South Africa earlier this week where he was caught using the words; “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month.” according to PcWorld. Now that can easily sound like there will be more than one new iPhone coming in October, perhaps announced at the rumored 4th october iPhone 5 media event, but it could also be something as innocent as a reference to all the new iPhones that Apple will be selling following the launch of the next iPhone, whether it is the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4s.

One or two new iPhones have probably been the hottest discussion in rumor town recently, without anyone really knowing much about which it will be. There are signs that whatever the next iPhone will be called it will look very much similar to the current iPhone 4, and not like for example leaked Case-Mate iPhone 5 cases hinting at new design. Even Wall Street analysts seems to be genuinely unsure about one or two, and what they will look like.  Apple has really been able to confuse us all this time around.

The arrival of iPhone 4s cases

BGR got their hands on images of Otterbox iPhone 4s cases that have already started to arrive at AT&T stores, with the main difference from the current iPhone 4 cases being the size of the camera opening at the back.

Otterbox iPhone 4s case (source: BGR)

Combined with the earlier leaked images of iPhone 4s parts and front panel from earlier in the week, clearly showing a device with an Apple A5 processor, this goes a long way to at least confirming that there will be an updated version of the iPhone 4 coming soon.

Update! It has over the weekend been confirmed that the Otterbox case is not an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 case.


Its Friday people, time to give the iPhone 5 rumor mill a rest and enjoy the weekend. We will of course be back with any breaking stories. Have a good weekend!


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