Ad funded iOS devices – worth it or not?

With Amazon preparing to discount their Kindle to US customer who are willing to view ads on the device, we are asking if this move could be copied by Apple offering ad-funded iPads or iPhones.

With the ad-funded Kindle displaying screensaver like ads to users, offering things such as discounts and vouchers amongst other, one could argue that it would not be such a bad thing. In fact if Amazon started showing ads on Kindle devices promoting their own products it would not be much different from what Apple is already doing in terms of keeping their products exclusive to their devices. On the Kindle i would not mind a nice ad every now and then as long as it was targeted and provided good value (and of course not every hour).

With your iOS device we are in fact already potentially exposed to ads through Apple’s iAd system, so it would be unlikely that Apple would offer discounts on the their devices for the ability to show you just a few more ads. Besides, imagine being in the middle of writing an email or something on your iPad 2 or iPhone 4, all of a sudden an ad pops up interrupting your train of thought. Not a good experience in my book.

As a user of the Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod, would you be willing to accept a few ads every now and then for the opportunity to get a slight discount on the upfront cost of the device? Take our poll and let us know.


Either way, the odds against Apple going down this route is slimmer than any of their devices at the moment. People seem happy to pay the sometimes high price for their products and the experience of using them, so no need to fix what ain’t broken.


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  1. massyy says:

    can i have an Ipad 2 and an iphone 4 for free please thanks :) if i dont get one iewont be happy no jokles about that.

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