Acorn E1 wooden in-ear headphones Review

Acorn E1 Wooden in-ear headphones

The headphone market is a tough one for a new company to break into these days, unless they have a strong proposition, an offering that is appealing to a large enough audience, or backed by some heavyweight celebrity. That is why it’s always good to see new entrants like Acorn Audio with their E1 wooden in-ear headphones coming onto the market.

Acorn E1 Wooden in-ear headphones

A relatively new and unknown British Audio manufacturer, Acorn is hoping to carve out their own niche in the headphone market, starting with the E1 Wooden in-ear headphone. They are not the first headphones manufacturer to use wood in their headphones, as amongst other House of Marley is known for using wood and recycled materials in their headphones. It is slightly more unusual to see it used for in-ear casings however, and according to Acorn themselves it is used to deliver a richer bass performance.

Acorn E1 Review

I think Acorn have done a good job on the packaging, giving a good first impression. Opening the box, the headphones are well protected and you can immediately see that they come in with two alternative size silicone tips, allowing you to find the best fit for your ears. For me that tends to be the standard ones already attached to the headphones.

As for the earphones themselves, the wooden casing is very light, and there is a small burned in Acorn logo at the end of each earplug. They did not immediately stand out to me, not that there is anything wrong with being rather understated. Being used to and having tested a large variety of in-ear models, the Acorn E1 did provide a good and lightweight fit, which also turned out to make them comfortable to wear over extended periods of time and whilst moving around. They do extend out a bit more than some other earphones I have tested, but not to the point where they feel like gravity is pulling them down and out of your ears.

As for the all important sound, I had mixed emotions on first impression. Depending on the style of track I was listening to, the sound would either feel warm and bass rich, or it would have feel muddled and fuzzy. As I used them for longer periods that did improve, so it looks like the Acorn E1’s need a bit of breaking in period. That said, from a personal preference, I would have liked a more well balanced and clearer sound stage across a wider variety of musical genres. Then again, I might be asking too much from a sub £30 pair of headphones.


  • Build quality feels good
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Understated design, which is a positive if that is what you like in earphones


  • Lack of in-line remote
  • Depending on the track, the audio can feel a bit muddled


Acorn Audio has done a decent job with their first headphones in the Acorn E1 wooden in-ear model. The wooden design is different and does provide a lightweight, comfortable fit for extended periods of use. There is some strong competition in the £30 headphone market, so there is some work to do on the audio to ensure a more well rounded experience. Although, if you prefer your earphones to be slightly more bass heavy, then the E1’s are worth a look.

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