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iPodRepublic.com was created to help all iPod fans and users out there to easily find information, reviews and associated products for their iPod’s. Whether you already are an iPod owner or looking to buy we are here to help you answer all the questions you might have. We also encourage our readers to give feedback, comment and review our articles and the different iPod related products we write about.

Since we launched the site/blog we have been well received by those interested in Apple iPods and the Apple iPhone, as well as all those that are looking for information, reviews, and deals on complimentary iPod/iPhone accessories, from iPod speakers docks to protective cases for iPod/iPhone.

We are always looking to keep you up to date on all the latest news and information related to the iPod and the iPhone, and not to mention develop the iPodRepublic community further to make it even more user friendly.

In the near future we hope to add additional features, such as automated best price iPod tables for all iPod models, as well as launching our own community forum. We are also looking into opportunities to create social functionality around the site, and iPod Touch/iPhone application opportunities.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our site, and that you find the information we share useful. We hope you will keep coming back to check our new features and read more news and reviews of iPod and iPhone related products.

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PS! We are not associated to Apple in any way. We are just fans of their products.

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