A6 quad-core iPad 3 with LTE set for March announcement [rumor]

Apple might be just coming off a record quarter that saw them sell more than 15 million iPads, but they don’t rest on their laurels in Cupertino, at least if there is any truth in the latest rumors that the iPad 3 is just around the corner, featuring a new quad-core A6 processor and support for LTE networks.

Debug tool screenshot hints at iPad 3 with A6 quad-core processor

It is BGR that is reporting these latest rumors based on unnamed sources with access to the yet to be announced new iPad 3. One could of course easily write these rumors off as just that; rumors and speculations. For all i know they might be, but it would make sense for the next iPad to feature a quad-core A6 processor, and the release date of March/April is in line with earlier iPad release cycles.

The information stems from a debug tool, showing off the new A6 chipset carrying a model number of S5L8945X, and with the iPad 3 models themselves referenced as J1 and J2; a Wi-Fi only model and the a model that supports LTE/CDMA/GSM. At the moment LTE networks are far and few between, so it would not make sense for Apple to release a model that is purely LTE compatible.

As for the March release, according to Japanese blog Macotakara (via Macrumors), Apple will hold a launch event in early March, with the iPad 3 hitting US markets in late March. International release, including the UK would be likely to follow soon after.

It has earlier been rumored that the iPad 3 will be slightly bulkier than the current iPad 2 due to the new high-definition display and the new battery pack that is said to double battery life of the unit.


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