A pink ipod nano 8gb for Valentine

With only 9 days to go until Valentine day it is time to get your gift orders in guys and get your girlfriend something that will really stand out, like the new pink ipod nano 8gb.

How to make sure you get the most out of the pink ipod nano:

  • Put some nice pictures of yourself and your girlfriend on the ipod before you give it to her
  • Leave a pre recorded message
  • Add a love compilation (remember the old cassette deck?)
  • Get it engraved

If you do all of this right the benefits might be worth the £100+ you have to pay for it. Imagine your girlfriend listening to music on her pink ipod instead of nagging to you all the time.

And if your girlfriend has been adding a few pounds over Christmas, then you can add the ipod nike plus kit and a pink ipod wristband to push her on her way to the gym!

Here are prices from some of the top UK merchants for the pink ipod nano 8gb; Amazon £119.98, John Lewis £129, Currys £129.


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  1. Dulcinia says:

    Superb post, love your blog

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