A colorful refresh for iPod Touch and touchscreen iPod Nano

It has been two years since Apple last gave the iPod range an update, so even though the event was mostly about the iPhone 5, it was great to see some improvements to the declining but still popular iPod range, including the new colorful 4-inch iPod Touch and the larger touchscreen iPod Nano.

New multi colored 5th generation iPod Touch

New 4-inch iPod Touch

With the new iPod Touch, Apple has delivered much of what a lot of people out there have been asking for when it comes to the iPod Touch. They have taken some of the best parts of the new iPhone 5, removed the phone functionality itself of course, and made it even thinner and lighter. The new design is an all new slim aluminum body that now also comes with several different colors, giving you more options without having to use covers. Apple has also thrown in the same 4-inch Retina screen (1,136 x 640 resolution), providing clear HD viewing in widescreen, making activities such as gaming even better on the iPod Touch. Apple has also taken the plunge and added a 5-megapixel iSight camera that allows you to shoot 1080p HD video.

The new iPod Touch will run iOS6 and the many improvements that brings to the iOS experience, including Siri for iPod Touch, full Facebook integration, and much more. AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring is also supported (still requires a 2nd generation or later Apple TV). As for accessories, the new iPod Touch uses the new Lightning connector and it comes with Apple’s new and improved EarPods.

The 5th generation iPod Touch is available from October in 32gb (£249) or 64gb (£329) version, and in the following color options: Black, grey, pink, yellow, blue, and the special Product (RED) edition.

Touchscreen iPod Nano 7th generation

Apple has made some major changes to the iPod Nano, giving it a 2.5-inch touchscreen, while actually being able to make it thinner than any other iPod Nano before. The new touchscreen interface allows for different use compared to earlier Nano’s, as well as watch videos and pictures stored on the new 16gb Nano edition (comes only in one size).

New new touchscreen iPod Nano 7th generationAs all the other new devices, the new 7th generation Nano comes with the new Lightning connector and the EarPods. Apple has also included Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, FM tuner, and integrated apps such as Nike+ fitness.

The new iPod Nano will retail at £129 and available in the following color options: silver, black, purple, yellow, green, blue and in the special edition Product (RED).

iPod Shuffle and Classic

Apple is still keeping to the 4 styles of iPods as both the Shuffle and the Classic has got a life extension. The Shuffle will be available in more colors, whilst there are no changes to the Classic.

[source: Apple UK]


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