A blinged out iPod Nano with a message: Support the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Goldgenie has teamed up with the Elton John AIDS Foundation to produce a limited edition “Starburst iPod“, which is a range of colored iPod Nano’s that are suitably blinged out with Swarovski crystals and signed by Sir Elton John,  a true collectors item supporting a worthy cause.

Each of the Starburst iPod Nano, which is a limited edition of 100 in each color, is coordinated with Swarovski crystals that has been embedded in the iPod Nano using advanced laser technology to secure a high quality finish. Top top it off, each of the iPod Nano’s feature Elton’s signature laser engraved into the backside.

The Starburst iPod Nano with Swarovski crystals and Elton John’s signature is available to purchase from Goldgenie.com online, or in store at Selfridges. The price of these iPod Nano’s are: 16gb at £449.99 and 8gb at £399.99.

Sales of these iPod Nano’s will help raise funds that will go towards helping the millions that suffer from HIV and AIDS worldwide.


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