iPod Nano 7: What we want from the 7th generation Nano

With all the news and buzz around the iPad 2 and possible releases later this year of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, the device that stared it all for Apple, the iPod, has taken a backseat in the rumor mills of the web community. That is until now, when alleged 7th generation iPod Nano photos featuring a camera has started to appear.

Possible camera for iPod Nano 7As  most alleged and leaked photos of next generation Apple hardware, this one as well comes out of the far east courtesy of tw.apple.pro (via AppleInsider). The photo shows an iPod Nano 7 with an alleged 1.3mp camera at the back, but no clip. An interesting fact; the same website correctly leaked the previous 6 generations of the iPod Nano!

For those that remember, the 5th generation iPod Nano featured a camera at the back, but that was ditched as Apple went smaller and touchscreen for the 6th generation iPod Nano, a device that have received a mixed reception with reported battery issues following problems turning off the iPod Nano 6.

Based on the source there could well be some truth in the iPod Nano 7 receiving a camera, but is that really what we want from the 7th generation iPod Nano?



The placement of the camera would also not allow for the iPod Nano to be used as a watch, an accessory that has been popular with the current Nano thanks to the clip at the back of it. Of course we could see Apple bringing out some smart new case/solution for allowing it to be used as a watch, but it is hard to see how that could work with a camera at the back of the device. In my mind it would make a lot more sense to place a small camera at the front of the Nano, like you would find on the iPod Touch 4 and the iPhone 4.


iPod Nano 7 – Features we want to see

Perhaps instead of focusing on bringing a camera to this tiny device, Apple should build on the popular use of the iPod Nano as a smartwatch, as suggested by this TiPb post. Turning it into a little gem of a smartwatch with lots of interesting wireless features, including:

Full bluetooth support

How about actually providing full bluetooth support for the iPod Nano 7 allowing us to use many of the wireless headsets that are now available instead of having to have the cable running up along your arm. So many of the iPod Nano owners that i know use it primarily for exercising, whether at the gym or outdoors, because of its size and the clip functionality.

Wireless syncing

This goes not only for the 7th generation iPod Nano, but also for all other iOS devices. We want to somehow be able to sync our devices without having to run everything through cabled iTunes access.

Imagine if Apple could find a way to allow for the Nano to stream audio from another iOS source, like your iPhone or iPad. This would not only free up necessary flash storage on the Nano, but also save you from having to upload your music etc. to every device that you own.

For those that also owns an iPhone, it could also open up for receiving timely messages on the Nano directly from your iPhone, such as notifications, incoming text messages etc.

Other features

If Apple is keeping the storage capacity of the device, or even improving it, how great would it be if the device could also be used as a USB storage device. Storing all your documents etc that you need to take with you on your Nano Smartwatch sounds like a feature that could be popular.

I’m sure you can come up with other great features that Apple should consider for future generation iPod Nano’s so please share with the rest of us by leaving your ideas below.


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6 Responses to "iPod Nano 7: What we want from the 7th generation Nano"

  1. Oob nikoloff says:

    It needs video capabilities, a camera, and a few games. It could have a watch case too. It could be the biggest hit ever with a few tweaks

  2. Gre says:

    The 6th Gen Nano is already a storage device for Windows systems. It’s one of the few Apple products along with the shuffle you can copy any file to, create folders, etc… all through Windows Explorer.

  3. nate says:

    The absolute best placement for a camera would be on the front. How cool would it be to video chat someone with your WATCH???? this would be a VERY exciting innovation

  4. greg says:

    we need a camera on the FRONT. it would allow video chats almost anywhere.

  5. quinn says:

    It need’s a camera in the front and back to video chat and take pictures and video’s it would be a big hit and make it a little bit thinner like the ipod nano 5th generation and a smart watch and try to put built in WiFi or some thing I would pay like 300$ for an iPod nano if it had all those feature:-)

  6. Rob says:

    Okay, so I’m seeing the wi-fi stuff on here. But the Nano, has never had it before. That’s what the IPod Touch is for, guys. Sure, it needs a camera, but it also needs games. Good games. Because I have the IPod Nano 7th generation. It’s 2013 by the way, guys. It needs some games comparable with the IPod Touch. Only in Nano format. All these would be great. I would also like to see all of the other features that we missed with the 6th generation. (We need features from the 5th gen back) That being said, get it together Apple, and stop molesting the IPad, and IPhone. BYE!!!

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