7 inch iPad with iPhone 4 design and facetime completed

If we are to believe the Chinese rumour mill we might just be seeing the rumoured 7-inch Apple iPad Mini before Christmas after all, and it will have a design similar to iPhone 4 and feature facetime camera.

It is the Chinese rumour site Shanzai via 9to5Mac which is bringing these latest 7-inch iPad rumours which over the last 24 hours have been resulted in heavy press coverage in the tech market. They refer to the 7-inch iPad as a finished product, and just perhaps it will be something we will see launched at the same time as iOS 4.2 for Apple iPad will be released sometime in November this year.

Rumours of 7-inch Apple iPad to be finished

A 7-inch Apple iPad with a more iPhone like design and facetime camera would likely take a big chunk out of both the current iPad market, and the market penetration of the just released iPod Touch 4. In many ways adding another size option so soon after the previous model and the iPod Touch release would be unlike Apple normal behaviour.

The rumours around different size iPads have been running for a long time, and this latest rumour could fit well in with the iPad Mini and 2nd generation iPad testing information that we have covered previously.

With all these rumours around the Apple iPad 7-inch and facetime for Apple iPad flying around on heavy traffic sites it does set a presedence for what people expect will happen, and lets face it, the original iPad has it flaws (including lack of camera). How many of us would not decide to hold off on buying the current Apple iPad if we believed that an improved version with facetime camera was just around the corner? I know i would.


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