64gb iPod Touch rumour update

Update July 09:  With the increase in memory to 32gb for the iPhone 3GS everyone now expects the 3rd generation iPod Touch to feature not only 64gb memory upgrade but we might also be looking at other iPhone features such as a built in camera, and further improvements in terms of making the 3rd generation iPod Touch an even better and fun gaming and communication platform.

Update March 09: After references to a 3rd generation iPod Touch has been found in the new iPhone OS 3.0 the rumors around a memory upgrade to a 64gb iPod Touch 3rd generation has increased. Other expected features of the next generation iPod Touch is improved processor speed and internet connection speed.

Update! Although we did not see the 64gb iPod Touch in time for Christmas in 2008, the iPod Touch was top Christmas present in the UK and US, and now the rumor is circulating online about a possible large screen iPod Touch Tablet to be launched later in 2009.

The MacWorld is also underway at the moment, bringing new life to the rumour about an upgrade of the iPod Touch to 64gb. We will keep you posted on any announcements.

End of update!

It is rumor-mania here at iPod Republic as we try and keep up with the daily new rumors about what is next from the developers at Apple, and the latest is more rumors about an upgraded 64gb iPod Touch to be launched in the coming months.

Actually, a memory upgrade to 64gb for the iPod Touch is so likely that it can hardly be called a rumor anymore. What we are more interested in is what might be hiding underneath it as far as new functionality goes. Unfortunately there has been very few leaks or rumors about this, except that it will likely feature GPS functionality similar to the one on the new 3g iPhone, and copy and paste functionality.

The second thing that is of consumer interest is what will happen to the price point of the iPod Touch and other iPod models. Previous rumors have indicated a price cut on the iPod Touch to be around the corner, something that will be welcomed in the market.

Hopefully we will see both an increase in memory, a price cut, and perhaps a few nice suprises as well when the upgrade iPod Touch probably hits the market in time for peak Christmas shopping.

Update! As you are probably aware of by now we did not get a memory upgrade to 64gb for the iPod Touch in this first round of the upgrades, but there is still a new 2nd generation iPod Touch you want to check out.

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19 Responses to "64gb iPod Touch rumour update"

  1. Gabriel says:

    I want to use my ipod in the auxillary input in the back of my Murano LE 2009 (with navigation system) but it’s not working; can you help me? Thank you ib advance.

  2. jeferphad tyrpheed says:

    when will ipod touch get a camera

  3. jose miguel says:

    hola soy muy fanatico del ipod me encantan pero pronto queria comprar un ipod touch de 32gb pero si va a salir el de 64gb pronto quisiera saber cuando por que es chimbo que compre el de 32 y despues salga el otro el cual voy a querer por eso quiero saber mas o menos cuando saldra??

  4. tecnishen says:

    i sell ipod touch and i want to sell the ipod touch 3gen

  5. Kabir Malik says:

    Hello – I bought a 32GB iTouch in the States last week and realised when I got back to London that I already have too many tracks in my iTunes – is it possible to upgrade the model I have by purchasing more storage?



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