Could we see a 64GB iPhone and 128GB iPod Touch early next year? According to Toshiba we can

The Apple product speculations of the day has been focused on Toshiba announcing the release of a new embedded NAND flash memory chip that can hold up to 64gb of data, raising speculations to a 64gb iPhone and a 128gb iPod Touch to be released early 2010.

The embedded NAND flash memory chips are the ones used by Apple in both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, so the upgrade to 64gb chips could technically indicate that Apple will soon release upgrades to both the iPhone 3GS and the 3rd generation iPod Touch. It might sound odd that the iPod Touch always seems to be double the memory ahead of the iPhone, and this has mostly to do with there being more space avaialble inside the iPod Touch, allowing for two chips instead of only one.

Now, how quickly Apple will start producing the memory upgraded iPhone and iPod Touch will likely depend on the price of the new 64gb NAND flash memory chips, and of course also what the competition does in terms of new product releases. At the moment there is nothing else indicating that Apple will release upgrades outside of their normal yearly cycle, although rumors have once again surfaced that the iPod Touch will get camera early in 2010, which could fuel an additional memory upgrade at the same time, breaking the usual September renewal cycle for the iPod.

As for the iPhone, we recently reported that testing of what could be the next iPhone 4G has been undertaken in the San Francisco area, fueling further rumors that we might see a new upgraded iPhone before the WWDC 2010 which usually takes place around July. Other reasons why we could see an upgrade to the iPhone by next summer at the latest, are the rumors of the iPhone coming to Verizon in the US, and the roll-out of 4G mobile networks across Europe, with Norwegian Netcom recently launching their brand new 4G network, with data speeds up to 10 times as fast as the current 3G network used by the iPhone 3G.

We will be back with more information around this as and when announcements are made.


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  1. James. Braselton says:

    hi. There. Wow. Soo. A. 128. Gb. Ipod. Touch. 2010. Soo. 256. Gb. In. 2012. 512. Gb. In. 2014. 1. Tb. In. 2016. 2. Tb. In. 2018. Or. 4. Tb. That’s. 4. Terabytes. Ipod. Touch. Or. A. 2. Terabytes. iPhone. In. 2020. That’s. Moor. Law. Flash. Memory. And. Ram. And. Hard. Drive. Capicity. Doubbles. Every. 2. Years

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