6 ways to make your Apple ipod greener

Our lifestyle in general these days are very energy heavy and puts a lot of strain on the environment. Commuting to and from work, home entertainment etc. our lifestyle can sometimes demand more than our planet can handle. Although the ipod is a small appliance and may not demand that much energy, there are still ways that we can improve eco friendliness of our ipod and make it greener.

  1. Change to a green energy provider – Whether you charge your ipod through a separate charger, docking station or through your computer, it requires energy to recharge it and that energy comes from somewhere. Why not make sure that the energy is as green as possible. The Green Providers Directory has lots of useful links for how to switch to a greener energy provider.
  2. Solar powered ipod charger – The ultimate in on the move charging of any electrical appliance like the ipod or mobile phone. The Solio Universal Solar Charger can charge your ipod using energy from the sun, and it is also completely carbon neutral! The Solio universal charger is available from £49.99.
  3. Carbon offsetting – Why not do some carbon offsetting, say for at least 10% of the price of your ipod or ipod accessory? Check Climatecare to see offsets and prices.
  4. Plant a tree – One ipod equals one tree, that is our goal and we hope you will take it up as well.
  5. Make sure that your ipod accessories are eco friendly – Like the Eco-nique range of ipod accessories
  6. Recycle your old ipod – Apple has started an initiative to improve on their green profile where you can return your ipod to an Apple store for free recycling and a 10% discount on your new ipod.

If there are any other great ideas for making your ipod greener please let us know by leaving a comment to this post.


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  1. we must shift into the use of Green Energy to prevent further pollution of this planet~;.

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