50 percent suffer from ‘forgetful iTunes sync’ syndrom

Do you suffer from ‘forgetful iTunes sync’ syndrom? A recent report indicates that as many as 50 percent of us who take our iPhone to an Apple Store Genius Bar to get it swapped have never synced it with iTunes following initial registration of the device, a high number and perhaps a sign that a lot of users don’t know how to get the most out of their iOS device.

50 percent don't sync iPhone with iTunes

Let’s say that you have bought your iPhone and connecting it for the first time you also transfer all the music etc that you want to have on it, you might not feel the need for connecting the iPhone to iTunes again as it already has what you need on it, and the rest you download directly onto your iPhone (such as music, apps etc.). What many of us might not be aware of is that information can get lost if you don’t sync and back-up every now and then. Perhaps a sign that many of us see the iPhone as an out-of-the-box device that you don’t have to maintain.

Not all of us follow Apple or tech online to keep on top of updates and mobile security, and for those that don’t missing out on firmware upgrades etc. can happen easily. With the arrival of iCloud this will all change.

When iCloud and iOS 5 arrives later this year there will no longer be a need to connect to iTunes to back-up or sync the information on your iPhone, as it will happen automatically on a daily basis as long as you charge your iPhone while it is connected to a wifi connection. Knowing the battery life of the iPhone i’m making the assumption that most of us will have to charge on a daily basis, or at least every other day.

Looks like the iCloud will save quite a few of us, including Apple Genius Bar support staff, from dealing with heaps of lost data and lack of upgrades due to ‘forgetful iTunes sync’ syndrom.

[source: onefps.net]


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