50 Cent takes on headphone battle with Dr.Dre

Following on from the failure of getting the Sleek by 50 wireless hybrid headphones to market as part of the collaboration with Sleek Audio, 50 Cent is now ready to take the battle of the celebrity headphone market to the next level with the announcement of SMS Audio headphone range.

50 Cent SMS Audio headphones coming soon

50 Cent is the CEO of SMS Audio and the plan is to launch a portfolio of headphone products in the coming weeks that include an over-ear model, an in-ear headphone model, and a wireless headphone. In an earlier press release it was revealed that at least one of the models will feature some sort of wireless music sharing.

SMS Audio’s product offerings will feature the only headphones on the market to incorporate full on-board controls and allow up to four listeners to simultaneously experience the highest-caliber wireless sound from a single source.

With the new range of headphones it is believed that 50 Cent will be taking the headphone battle to the next level, taking on the current champion in Beats by Dr. Dre, who has played an integral part in rejuvenating the headphone market into what it is today.

Artist/celebrity backed headphones have been popping out of the wood-works in the recent year or so, with some of the more interesting ones being the likes of House of Marley headphones and the AKG Quincy Jones signature line headphones. It will be interesting to see if 50 Cent and SMS Audio can bring something new and fresh into the headphone market.

[source: Techcrunch]


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