5 must have festival apps for Glastonbury and other summer festivals

Summer Festival season kicked off a while back now, but this week is the big one, Glastonbury 2013, culminating with a massive weekend of concerts and fun. Whether you are off to Glastonbury this weekend or to any other festival this summer, make sure you have the following apps on your iPhone ready for use + a couple of handy accessories.

Before we kick off the top 5, if you are heading to Glastonbury, check out the official Official Glastonbury 2013 app from EE.

Glastonbury 2013 app

With the official Glastonbury 2013 app on your iPhone you will have access to most information right there in your pocket, including concert line-ups and a personal planner, location maps to help you find your way easier, BBC live streaming for when needed, and more. The app is available for free from iTunes.

The top 5 must have festival goer apps

Here we go!

1. Festival Ready from Victorinox

From the makers of the Swiss army knife comes the app that should be on all festival goers smartphone. Festival Ready includes such great features as a pre-planning packing checklist, camping tips, including the ability to pin your tent location, as well as other useful locations, be they friends tents or beer tents! Makes it so much easier to find your way back in the early hours after evening of concerts have finished. Not to mention the ability to find your friends on a massive festival area. As well as map functionality, the pins you drop can even be found in a 3D view that utilizes the camera on your iPhone. The app also includes live weather reports, and some nifty tools that include sound flare, torch, and a LED display allowing you to showcase custom scrolling messages on your screen.

Festival Ready app from Victorinox

The Festival ready app is available for free from iTunes.

2. Google Hangouts

Lets face it, at a festival you are going to meet a lot of people. Not all of them are going to be from the UK, or God forbid, they don’t own an iPhone. Google Hangouts to the rescue! With this cross platform messaging service you will be able to stay in touch throughout, even with your Android friends.

Google Hangouts is available for free from iTunes.

3. WaterIn

With all that jumping, dancing, and elbowing for space, you are bound to get dehydrated, and as much as beer is a must at festivals, you need to get your daily dose of H2O as well. With the WaterIn app you wil get friendly reminders throughout the day to drink water. H2O rocks!

WaterIn is available for free from iTunes.

4. Instragram

There are plenty of camera apps and photo sharing apps for the iPhone, but Instragram remains one of the more popular services, and with the recent new video capture and sharing feature, Instagram once again becomes the go to photo/video app for festival goers.

Instagram is available for free from iTunes.

5. Battery doctor

What good is it to have a flashy phone and cool apps if you are out of power. We all know that your smartphone is likely going to get plenty of use at a festival, and charging could become an issue. One step in the right direction is to get the Battery Doctor app. It gives you a simple overview of how much battery power you have left, how long it is likely to give you, and what you can do to extend the battery time.

Battery Doctor is available for free from iTunes.


Speaking of battery…

You might have thought about this already, but if not, getting an external mobile battery pack could well be worth it. One of the more popular ones at the moment is the Anker Astro3E Mobile Battery Pack, providing you with up to 4-5 full charges of your iPhone, which should get you through a couple of days at least. You can even share some of that power with a friend, as the unit has two charging ports.

The Anker Astro3E Mobile Battery Pack is currently available from amongst other Amazon UK at £27.99.


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